Students Management System

Students Management System

Student management is the fundamental task of every school. Hundreds of students are studying here. Every school tries to manage these student records properly, but managing these records on paper is challenging because it is difficult to keep records of students on paper in an orderly manner. Schoology school management software helps to manage this record. It manages students classes, sections, roll no, student family, attendance, and fees. You can track students, attendance, and fee detail and generate powerful reports.

Key Features

With tested features of Schoology, you can manage school records smoothly and flawlessly.

Admission Management

Register new students and get students records. You also can generate admission forms for new students.

Enquiry Management

It helps to communicate with parents before admission and increases the admission rate.

Fee Management

Manage different types of fees and discounted fees and create fee vouchers/challan etc.

Attendance Management

Track students attendance and send auto SMS to parents on attendance. You can include this attendance detail on the result cart.

Assessment Management

Track students daily routines, habits, health records, and behavior.

Exam Management

Manage students exams and group exams with multiple designs. The system will automatically calculate total marks, Grades, and percentages.

Timetable Management

Create different timetables for every class with the period and teachers name.


Generate multiple fee reports, admission forms, ID cards with different designs, and daily monthly attendance reports.

Why Schoology

  • User-friendly and secure software
  • Integrated with multiple devices
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Free support at the same time
  • Allow to connect multiple computers with single database

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Benefits of Schoology

Schoology software is developed keeping in mind the needs of the schools after discussion with the school management. That is why all of its modules are tested and usable. It is not enough to develop software; it is more important to eliminate its shortcomings and make it easier for the users by solving the problems encountered during use at the same time.

  • Username and password protection (Secure)
  • Manage error-free finance records.
  • Biometric Attendance
  • Communication with parents
  • Daily basic backups

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