Saturday , December 9 2023

School Marksheet Software

School Marksheet Software System is a perfect desktop application for schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutes. It is mostly used in Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and UAE (Dubai). School Management Software is developed specifically for educational institutions to help them manage the institute organization. You can further categorize the software into multiple computers for a single school. We have a complete school management system. The system also has a very strong reports feature.


School Management Software is all things manage related to students’ student registration, admissions, artwork, classes, and fee management all things work.


The staff management module helps to manage all the information about their teachers along with teachers’ attendance and salary. With a single click, employee details can be extracted.


The expenses Management feature provides the needed tools to manage expenses of all types. You can add different expenses So if you need to add paper or book expenses, you can add expenses.


Attendance for staff and students can be taken using this software, and manual, as well as biometric attendance and leaves, can be managed.


It manages monthly and occasional fees, fee assignments, arrears, challan, and voucher creation same way as security and fines.


Two ways to send a message by a branded sms from a company and link them to the software. the other put SIM into a D-link device and sends it through it.


Students, Employees, and Fee reports, Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports with attractive designs are available with a single click.


Exams are managed by names, subjects, and dates. It is a very easy way to find the result of a specific student.

Result Cards

The headache of preparing result cards is solved, you just need to enter the exam result into the system rest will be managed by the system automatically.

First You Create The Exam Name

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Make A Date Sheet In School Software

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Howe To Make A Result In School Management System

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Grade-Based Student Position

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Exam Management System Advantages

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Private School Exam Management

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