Fee collection software

Fee collection software for schools and collages

Schools whose income depends on student fees try to manage fees well. However, systematically managing student fee records is difficult, so they need a complete fee collection software. Our school fee management systems allow schools to track overall payments, paid and non-paid students, and provide real-time access to customizable reports.


Dynamic fee structure

You can create your fee structure and define the type of school fees (monthly or occasional fees, fine) for all classes and sections.

Standard Fee

You can assign systematic standard fees to each student based on their class standard fee.

Discounted fee

Give a discount to any student/family member you want and display the discount in the fee voucher.

Fee Collection

The fee collection system allows to collect student fees, tracking the outstanding/running balance, and managing fines and arrears.

Powerful Reports

Generate powerful reports on fee collection, and minimize errors for school revenue. Track outstanding and daily fee transactions.