Introduction Of School Management Software

School Management Software can be defined as a platform that has been designed for the digitization and automation of the various academic and Administrative operations of an educational institution. Such software will play a key role in the data management system of a school and allow the completion of jobs involving bulk data management effortlessly and flawlessly.

Features The Best School Management Software

Given below are some of the features that our school management software has


  • Desktop-based fast application
  • Secure application
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Dashboard
  • Username and password protection
  • Daily auto backpack (Offline & online)
  • Multiple roles
  • Networking
  • multiple users, changeable capabilities


  • Students Management
  • Manual attendance
  • Bio-metric attendance
  • Students registration with full detail
  • Students search by name, roll number, class, section, etc.
  • Family detail
  • Student image upload or capture with a webcam
  • Bio-metric Verification
  • documents
  • Guardians management
  • Guardians relation
  • Driver bio-metric verification
  • Students promotion
  • ID card
  • Result card
  • Admission form
  • School leaving certificate
  • Class Routine and Periods

Academic Solution

  • Academic Solution
  • Classroom management
  • Classroom section management
  • Periods
  • Timetable
  • Holidays
  • Subjects
  • Transportation
  • Days of week


  • Bio-metric attendance of students
  • Bio-metric attendance of teachers
  • Manual attendance of Staff
  • Manual attendance of Students


  • Multiple exams
  • Grade management
  • Marks
  • Upload and Download marks in excel
  • Date sheet management
  • Result card


  • Multiple fees
  • Manage multiple fines
  • Monthly fee
  • Discounted fee
  • Fee invoices
  • Fee collection
  • Security
  • Fee waive off
  • Commitments
  • Fee assignment (monthly, occasional, and individual)
  • Monthly fee
  • Occasional fee
  • Individual fee management
  • Change Fee for Single Student
  • Bulk fee update

Staff Management

  • Staff registration
  • Bio-metric verification
  • Staff search by name, by role, etc.
  • ID Card Generation
  • Roles (Teachers, Administration, Peon, Accountant, etc.)
  • SMS Alerts