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Home Our school management system is a perfect desktop-based application for schools, colleges, universities, coaching centers, tuition academies, and educational institutes. School Management Software is developed specifically for educational institutions to help them manage the institute organization. You can further categorize the software into multiple computers for a single school. We have a complete ERP solution for schools in the school management system. The system also has a very strong reports feature.



School Management Software is all things manage related to students’ student registration, admissions, attendance, classes, and fee management all things manage…


 The staff management module helps to manage all the information about their teachers along with teachers’ attendance and salary. With a single click, the employee details can be extracted…


The expenses Management feature provides the needed tools to manage expenses of all types. You can add different expenses So if you need to add paper or book expenses, you can add expenses…


We know students and staff may miss school for illness, emergencies, or religious reasons, but every school wants to see every student in school every day. Do you know that the student’s attendance has been the best at the end of the year?


The Fee Management System feature presents an automated, highly adaptable comprehensive solution. It manages all types of fees, for example, school, tuition, sibling, admission, registration, security fees, etc…


SMS allows you to quickly and easily send out SMS messages and alerts to shorten the distance that separates administrators, students, management, teachers, and parents SMS can send out reminders for fees to be paid…


Reports mean student, and staff attendance health work daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports detailed and summarized reports with attractive designs are available with a single click


The exam feature provides clients with a unique selection of exam tools, including data sheets, question papers, dates, and subjects, to improve student learning through embedded assessment…

Result Cards

The headache of preparing result cards is solved, you just need to enter exam results into the system automatically, and customized various student reports like the rest will be managed by the system automatically.


  • Desktop-based fast application
  • Secure application
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Dashboard
  • Username and password protection
  • Daily auto backpack (Offline & online)
  • Multiple roles
  • Networking
  • multiple users, changeable capabilities


  • Students Management
  • Manual attendance
  • Biometric attendance
  • Students registration with full detail
  • Students search by name, roll number, class, section, etc.
  • Family detail
  • Student image upload or capture with a webcam
  • Biometric Verification
  • documents
  • Guardians management
  • Guardians relation
  • Driver bio-metric verification
  • Students promotion
  • ID card
  • Result card
  • Admission form
  • School leaving certificate
  • Class Routine and Periods

Academic Solution

  • Academic Solution
  • Classroom management
  • Classroom section management
  • Periods
  • Timetable
  • Holidays
  • Subjects
  • Transportation
  • Days of week


  • Biometric attendance of students
  • Biometric attendance of teachers
  • Manual attendance of Staff
  • Manual attendance of Students


  • Multiple exams
  • Grade management
  • Marks
  • Upload and Download marks in excel
  • Date sheet management
  • Result card


  • Multiple fees
  • Manage multiple fines
  • Monthly fee
  • Discounted fee
  • Fee invoices
  • Fee collection
  • Security
  • Fee waive off
  • Commitments
  • Fee assignment (monthly, occasional, and individual)
  • Monthly fee
  • Occasional fee
  • Individual fee management
  • Change Fee for Single Student
  • Bulk fee update

Staff Management

  • Staff registration
  • Easier parent & school communication
  • Staff search by name, by role, etc.
  • ID Card Generation
  • Roles (Teachers, Administration, Peon, Accountant, etc.)
  • SMS Alerts

Mobile App

  • Staff registration
  • Bio-metric verification
  • Staff search by name, by role, etc.
  • Send homework and assignment
  • Roles (Teachers, Administration, Peon, Accountant, etc.)
  • SMS Alerts

School Management Software

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School Management System For Admission

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Teacher & student management software

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Exam & Result Card Management

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Income & Expense Management

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Students Management

Student management systems are used to help manage the day-to-day operations of schools. School management software handles a wide range of requirements including student information and registration functions like Admissions, Attendance tracking, Curriculum Activities, Student assessment, Reporting, and Result information. It works step-by-step processes from student initial inquiry and registration. It helps to implement better policies to manage and increase your school’s strength.

Income & Expenses

School management Software offers Income and Expense features that empower you with the ability to manage and control your accounts more effectively. This error-free solution eliminates all the risks (such as disclosure, fraudulence, misleading financial statements, etc) associated with manual bookkeeping while taking care of your financial calculations. Other than close monitoring and strong control, You have complete control of your money by tracking your income and expenses.


School Management Software gives great benefits to the schools by providing a lot many reports which are beneficial for the better and efficient administration of the schools. The school’s administration with the help of such reports can improve the working of the school and keep a track record of the ongoing in the school. Following reports that can be generated using the School management system, Student Reports, Staff Reports, Exam Reports, and Fees Reports.


School Management Software allows users to design ID Cards to create attractive and professional identification for both students and staff in no time. Quick and easy to make high-quality ID Cards, Different Photo shapes, and Design student ID Cards with one or two-sided as per requirement, School Management Software provides the facility to quickly design student ID cards using pr-defined templates, It also provides the Facility to print created ID Cards.